Step-By-Step Harmonica

This page hosts all 30 steps in my Step-by-Step Harmonica lesson course, which will take you all the way from a beginner, through to intermediate, and advanced playing levels.

Please watch the introduction video to learn which harmonica you'll need, along with a few great tips on how to get started!

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Beginners Harmonica Lessons

Step #1

In this lesson we learn how to hold the harmonica, how to play single notes and a breathing exercise called "The Train."

Step #2

In this lesson we discover how and why the diatonic harmonica was designed the way it was. We then learn the diatonic major scale and also tidy up the pucker technique on our low notes.

Step #3

This lesson improves our single hole technique on the low notes and gives us our first tune to play; "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain."

Step #4

This lesson introduces improvisation. Then using our diatonic major scale we play our first improvised piece of music.

Step #5

This lesson introduces the all important technique of draw bending.

Step #6

In this lesson we gain further insight into our draw bending technique.

Step #7

In this lesson we learn accurate semi-tone draw bending on the 2 and 3 holes.

Step #8

This lesson introduces a couple of fun pieces designed to hone our accuracy and skill on the harmonica. "Chug #2," and "The 3 Jump."

Step #9

This lesson introduces the 2nd position blues scale. In addition we learn how to 'T' notes for extra definition.

Step #10

This lesson completes our beginners course with an introduction to the 12 bar blues progression and the "Nashville Numbers System."

Intermediate Harmonica Lessons

Advanced Harmonica Lessons

Step #23

In this lesson we learn our 2nd position major diatonic scale and compare that to our 1st position major diatonic scale. We then improvise with the provided jam tracks, in the same key, using two different harmonicas.