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    I’m new to the Harp, about 2 months in. I’ve just started to practice the bending technique based on Mitch’s lesson number 5. I was pleasantly surprised to find I could bend on the 1-6 draws, though barely on the 2 draw (which I still struggle with just drawing clearly on). My question is that on bending the 6 draw I sometimes get a very high-pitched screech along with the low tone when bending it. It sounds like a mike is feeding back through an amp.

    Any points or notes on why this might be happening? Is it me or my harp…or both? And am I damaging the harp when this happens? I’m using the Lee Oskar Major C by Tombo.



    Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger
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    Yep, Udo is right. The reeds will ‘seize up’ and squeal, if you go to strong. Too much of this will damage the reed. Relaxed is best!!

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    Ive had my harmonica for about 2-3 weeks and I have done lessons 1-5 and I am wondering where I go from there.

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    I think I have the bending down pretty good but I can never be sure because I do not know anyone in person who plays the harmonica

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    If you are using an Android Phone look here:
    There are similar apps for iOS.

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